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About Us




In 1928, under a charter granted the Royal Niger Company (later re-christened UACL), West Africa Publicity (WAP) Limited was incorporated. WAP handled everything media, including media agency services, and media contracting display services for the Royal Niger Company. However, on the 28th of October 1959 and in harmony with then international convention mandating the separation of media agency services from media contracting services, WAP was bifurcated into two independent companies; namely, Lintas Limited (as a media agency services company) and Afromedia Nigeria Limited (as a media contracting display services company). Arising from the spin-off, Afromedia Nigeria Limited partnered with Mills and Allen International (then the largest outdoor advertising company in UK at the time) and British Franco Electric Company, largest UK manufacturer of illuminated and road traffic signs.

Ownership Change and Corporate Status:


It is noteworthy that as a result of the Enterprise Promotions Decree of 1972, which reserved, among others, Public Relations and Advertising ownership and controls exclusively for Nigerians, Afromedia Nigeria Limited was acquired in March 1974 by its Nigerian managers, with Chief Joseph Okoye Nwabunie, Rev Iretunde Olopade and Mr Simeon Olaghere as the then founder-owner/managers.


Subsequently, Afromedia Plc was incorporated on the 2nd of July 2008 as a publicly quoted company with changes to the ownership structure, and Otunba Akin Ire Olopade and Engr. Patrick O. Nwabunie as founder-owner/Managers. Haven received the incorporation approval from Corporate Affairs Commission - CAC and subsequent NSE consent to list its shares on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on 18th of May 2009.


Our Values

  • Unwavering Integrity and Transparency
  • A Passion for collaboration
  • Unwavering Integrity and Transparency
  • An unalloyed Assurance of Quality
  • A Profound Regard for our society
  • A lifelong Commitment to Excellence

Vision 2030

As the leading media solutions provider out of Africa, our vision is to create opportunities for brands to connect with, and messages to resonate with their target audiences in new and exciting ways.

Mission Statement

To be Brands first choice in the support media industry by offering audience delivery solutions across the support media touch points that meets Brands objectives and thereby achieve Nigerian Market dominance by 2030 with a level of profitability and growth that will meet and exceed the highest expectations of AfromediaGroup shareholders and exceeds the hopes of AfromediaGroup employees and other stakeholders.

People Orientation At Afromedia Group

 As our business grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to delegate responsibility and to encourage all employees to exercise their initiative as Intrapreneurs. This requires considerable tolerance as we expect those to whom we delegate authority and responsibility, will want to do their jobs autonomously. These are characteristics we want and will continue to encourage as long they align with our values and culture.

We expect that mistakes will be made, but if a person is diligent and has taken intelligent risk, the mistake he or she makes may be minimal in the long run compared to that of a leadership style that is dictatorial and authoritative – and has a tendency to micro-manage and tell employees how to carry out their roles. A leadership style that is overly critical when mistakes are made, stifles initiative, and it is therefore essential that our people are given the space to succeed and demonstrate initiative if we are to continue to grow.