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Outdoor Vocabulary


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Out of Home Media Terms and their Definitions



This is the surface area on an out-of-home media advert display where the advertising campaign is displayed. The structure may have more than one face.


Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria.


This refers to all advertising signage found outside the home.e.g Unipole,LED displays.

Recce This is a survey. It is usually performed to take account of all or some outdoor media structures.
Street Furniture

These are Advertising displays, positioned close to pedestrians and shoppers for easy eye-level viewing at curbside,bus stops and so on.

Eight-Sheet Poster

A standardized poster (5' x 11' copy area) placed for exposure to vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic. Frequently used in suburban shopping areas as well as point-of- purchase locales. Also used in urban areas for neighborhood coverage.

Cost Per Thousand - CPM The cost of reaching one thousand potential viewers of an Out-of-Home media panel. the formula for calculation: the monthly cost divided by the circulation in thousands.
Counting Station

Defined point on a street where vehicles and/or pedestrians are recorded to determine circulation. counting stations are used not only by Out-of-Home media but by federal, state and local governments.

Copy Area This is the part of the image that shows the complete advert (illustrations and text) on an advert structure.