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Our Values

Unwavering Integrity and Transparency

Corporate Social Responsibilites




Health: Hip replacement surgery for Adults with Sickle Cell Disorder 

As a part of our ongoing projects for our current financial year, we are sponsoring the 2012/2013 International Inner Wheel District 911, Nigeria Star Charity Project for Hip replacement surgery for Adults with Sickle Cell Disorder. This is currently an ongoing project.


St. Savior School, Ikoyi Charity program 

We made a donation towards the St. Saviours School, Ikoyi Charity program for 2012 which is focused on educational development and sponsored the Canal Primary School Orile as a charity project. 


Computer literacy empowerment for women

Through the International Inner Wheel District 911, Nigeria Association, we provided an opportunity for 25 female participants to become empowered by sponsoring a computer literacy program for the women. We are passionate about collaborating with associations who are as passionate as we are in buliding the economic capacity of those around us. 


2400 Bags of Rice for displaced victims in Oyo state

We believe in giving back to our community and as a socially responsible company we know no boundries in reaching out to those in need. To this end  we donated 2,400 bags of rice to assist the displaced victims following the disastrous flooding  in Oyo State. 


Going Green

Afromedia Plc, Nigeria’s premier Out-of-Home media organization celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, 2010. In a presentation to the media at a conference on Saturday June 5th, 2010, the management of the organization unveiled plans for her golden jubilee anniversary campaign themed, ‘Going Green’.


Afromedia Walkathon

The Walkathaon concept is designed as a communication and CSR/Marketing engagement tool to passionately connect Afromedia with her community and promote the need to BE Green(Neat  and Clean)  in all our interactions with the environment.  

Target Participants

This walk is for the stakeholders of Afromedia, namely:

  • Staffs and families
  • Board members and their families
  • Shareholders and their families
  • Afromedia’s clients and their families
  • Afromedia’s suppliers and their families
  • Relevant government agencies and their families


 Afromedia Creative Competition


Acc Winners




Mr Oladapo Olukoyawas born on the 12th of February, 1984 and hails from Ogun state. He has a HND in Graphics Design from The Yaba College of Technology and was a student of Orange Academy studying Integrated Brand Experience where he learnt how to translate and interpret briefs and present his ideas. He is presently an Art Director at the Culture Communications.

His hobbies are eating, swimming, listening to music, making friends and designing.


RATIONALE: My Perfect Picture of Great Nation

My green Nigeria was how human beings and plant relate-  our life cycle, I call it ever green, we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon-dioxide then they (plants) receive it and  discharge oxygen back for us, so with this findings based on the fact, we need to plant trees regularly to enable us have a perfect green Nigeria that we can enjoy, that is why i use an image to depict human being and the leafs for plants in general, also the fact that its Nigeria I made it a touch of green white green.






Mr Egwuonwu Chidi Simeon a graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T) Enugu, has over a decade experience in the world of art. From being a camera man to a graphic artist and visualiser he has graced the art world with his expertise.

He was Winner of the Best Poster Designer for the World Habitat Day 2004 organized by the Federal Ministry of Housing & Urban Development, and the UN.

* 3rd Place Winner in Category V (20 Years and Above) International Poster Contest 2004 Award “Keeping the Promise” Organized by the UNFPA (Nigeria)

* Winner in Category III AOG International Poster Contest 2006 Award “Gas, A Source Of Energy In Africa” Organized By Addax-Oryx Group (France)

He has worked on brands like Shell, Starcomms, Chicken Republic, Nokia, only to name a few. He is currently a Senior Art Director at  LTC-JWT Advertising LTC, Ikeja.



‘My Green Nigeria’

The future is full of hope for our great country… but not without a green Nigeria. We as a nation can only achieve all our potentials if we embrace the green concept. With natural disasters witnessed all around the world this year, Nigeria can only escape by going green. The green concept also helps in energy preservation.

My Green Nigeria concept ‘The Land is Green’ imagines the streets of Nigeria all green with flowers and grasses.

The grasses and flowers represent two things….Green and life. The little girl with the watering can represents over 140 million Nigerians and what we need to do to ensure we have a green and healthy Nigeria.  We need to contribute our quota to grow the green Nigeria of our dreams.

God bless Nigeria.






Mr Enifome Ozuwowas born 39 years ago. He is an indigene of Isoko North in Delta State. This Lagos bred gentleman had his Primary and Secondary education in Lagos and moved to Akwa Ibom for his tertiary education where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Industrial Arts from the reputable University of Uyo Akwa Ibom.

His robust career in advertising has spanned over a decade starting from his foray into Art directing at TMC (Total Marketing Communication). He moved to the then LTC Advertising in 2001 where he horned his skills as a Senior Art Director. This relationship came to a brief halt when he moved to CHI Limited in 2004 to fulfill the role of Head of Creative for the illustrious brand. He also had a brief stint with FKG2, before returning to LTC-JWT in 2006.

During all these years, he has had the opportunity to leave his mark on multinational and Nigerian brands such as  Close up, Sunsilk, Lipton, Pepsodent, Buttermint, Trebor, Shell, Nokia, FIRS, Reckitt Benkiser and Society For Family Health, to name a few.

Mr Enifome Ozuwo has received many accolades at the national level  for producing  great works such as the Nigerian Re-Branding logo “Good People Great Nation” as well as  the Nigeria at 50 Independence Logo.

In his bid to broaden his knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving communication landscape, he is currently pursuing an MSc. in media and communication at the prestigious Pan-African University, School.


RATIONALE: My Green Nigeria

The effects of global warming could be very devastating. Animals would loose their habitats and also possibly become extinct. There would be drastic climatic change and these would adversely affect human life. Diseases such as cancer would be on the increase.

Sea levels would rise rapidly and coastal regions like Lagos, New York could become submerged. The global initiative on going green, therefore, should be one of the utmost concerns of every Nigerian.

This campaign seeks to address the awareness levels of Nigeria by showing them the consequences of not going green. The use of popular National icons like the National Theater, Net building, National Assembly, Ibono Beach, Akwa Ibom will help reinforce the catastrophic effects of global warming.

It however worthy to note that this phase of the campaign will be used to create the awareness on the imperative of going green. The Phase two will involve the deployment of experiential techniques to engage and activate Nigerians from all works of life.






Dapo Agunbiade is in training as a medical doctor and is less than 7 months away from being inducted into the medical profession. He studied bio-chemistry at the Lagos State University before entering into medical training.

In 2004 He started the design agency-Darkpore Media which he runs till date. He has been a professional and passionate visual graphics artist since May 2005 and provides small entreprise and media consulting for several SME's including PIP resources ltd, a mining and exploration firm headquartered in Ibadan, Nigeria.

In June2009, he was elected Governor at the Basic Leadership course Of Daystar's Leadership Academy. In may 2010, he was elected to head the National Development Team at the Advanced Leadership course at Daystar's Leadership Academy.

He's a Nigerian patriot and steward of earth's resources. He's also an author and speaker of change.  


RATIONALE: My Green Nigeria

The colour green represents vitality, new life and the prospects of better things to come. It is also our national flag.

The green footprint represents:

a. Carbon footprint- This is an ecological term which is a measure of the environmental responsibility of an individual, an organisation or Nation."A carbon footprint is the total set of green house gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organisation, event, product or person"  - wikipedia

b. The footprints also represent the steps Nigeria and her citizens are taking towards a greener future.

c. the print also symbolizes the impact our activities have on our community and on the course of history ( from the phrase-"..footprints upon the sands of time"

d. The fact that the footprint is human means that we as Humans are saddled with the final responsibility of altering the environment and setting it on the right course. Technology can assist. The decision lies with us

3. Simplicity of the design.

The design was deliberately kept simple. The mobile audience cannot read too much while driving. The goal is to create awareness and drive traffic to a site where the audience can find out more






Mr Ademola Luqmanwas born on the 8th of March, 1975 at Ebute- Metta, Lagos. He is an indigene of Ogun state, Ijebu North- East LGA.

He has a National Diploma in Arts and Design 1997- Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (I.M.T)


RATIONALE: My Green Nigeria

We all really need to look at the best ways of generating and managing energy. If a Green Nigeria would become a reality. Although, plants produce oxygen, and it would seem as if that is all. My illustration is, with plants we can have more sources of energy- limitless possibilities.

As I illustrated when My Nigeria is plugged into the right source of energy, not focusing on the dark side, then every other environment issues could be well managed to achieving the success of My Green Nigeria.






Opeyemi Awoyemiis a 23 year old graphics and web designer. Opeyemi delved into the world of design at the age of 17 in his first year at Obafemi Awolowo University. There, he honed his design and content development skills and was touted as the best graphics and web designer in the school throughout his five year stay in OAU. He eventually graduated from OAU with a 2nd class upper degree in Computer Science and Engineering in February 2010.

Opeyemi is a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. He presently runs ennovateNIGERIA, a freelance design and web boutique. He is also the co-founder and technical lead at, a leading online job search portal.

RATIONALE: My Green Nigeria

If Nigerians are to blame for anything, it is mainly for nonchalant and lackadaisical attitude to situations that concern them. Illicit dumping of garbage is a major cause of Nigeria's environmental issues especially pollution and flooding. It is thus expedient for Nigerians to be drawn to the fact that that little action matters. Don't just throw it anywhere. There is no anywhere. Where you throw it matters, because it affects the environment. Simple and basic imagery was used in the campaign so as to cut across all knowledge groups, young and old, educated and illiterate. The same paradigm can be extended to other environmental issues such as illicit tree felling, industrial hazards etc.

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